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Set amongst the picturesque Village Green in Highfields overlooking the escarpment, The Wellbeing Cottage is the home of holistic health and wellness in Highfields. Previously known as Tranquil Minds Holistic Therapies, our purpose is to assist in balancing the mind, body, spirit and emotions for optimal health and wellbeing. 

Our skilled therapists are trained and experienced in Therapeutic, Swedish Massage, Remedial, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian), Pregnancy, and Hot Stone Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Coaching, Counselling, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Polarity Healing, Nutrition, Ho'oponopono, Access Bars, Health Coaching, Oracle Card Reading and Intuitive Medicine.

Our aim is to help clients ease from the stress of their daily lives, to manage fatigue, create effective & lasting change in their lives, and find a balance between life's demands and self care.

Our Treatments & Services

Therapeutic, Remedial, Swedish & Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage

Massage can assist with reducing anxiety & stress, assist with digestion, fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, help relieve headaches, reduce insomnia & assist with sleep, assist with soft tissue sprains & injuries, decrease blood pressure, increase circulation, improve skin tone, and assist in lymphatic drainage.

 *Health Rebates are only available on Remedial Massage & on selected funds we have provider status for* 

30 Minutes   $70        45 Minutes   $90

60 Minutes   $110      90 Minutes   $150

2 Hours    $200


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction & relaxation using Universal Healing Energy. Reiki treats the whole person including Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace and tranquillity, and wellbeing.

30 Minutes   $70             60 Minutes   $110

90 Minutes     $150

Distance Reiki 30 Minutes   $65

Distance Reiki 60 Minutes   $105

Online & Distance Sessions Available

Pregnancy Massage

Our therapeutic pregnancy massage assists in supporting mothers through their body changes, and alleviates muscular aches and pains common during pregnancy. Specialised pillowing and support systems are used throughout the various stages of pregnancy to support mother and baby.

60 Minutes   $120         90 Minutes   $160

Hot or Cold Stone Massage

This beautifully grounding & nurturing treatment incorporates massage &  hot basalt stones placed on the body to help release muscle tension and balance the bodies energy flow. The stones are used to gently massage the body leaving you feeling completely relaxed. Available in Therapeutic or Lomi Lomi styles.

60 Minutes   $135     90 Minutes   $175    

2 Hours    $225

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a very gentle holistic technique that works on the soft connective tissue around the muscles (fascia). A Bowen Therapy treatment consists of sequences of small moves, each at a very specific sites on the body. Bowen Therapy can assist recovery from many conditions, illnesses, and injuries including fibromyalgia, pain, sciatica, chronic fatigue syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, depression, anxiety and stress, asthma, sporting injuries, traumatic injuries and general joint painBowen Therapy can also improve health and flexibility, sporting performance, aid in relaxation, and emotional and mental well-being. 

Our Bowen Therapist Annette Purcival  was one of the first Bowen therapists trained in the world.

30 Minutes   $70         60 Minutes    $110

Access Bars

Access Bars are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched release anything that stops you from feeling joy in your life. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored, and by working on these points you can let it all go. Access Bars can assist with many areas of your life, including sleep, health, weight, pain relief, mood imbalances, concentration, confidence, anxiety, stress, and more.

60 Minutes    $110     90 Minutes     $150


Hypnotherapy helps people enter a trance-like state of focus and concentration, where they can access and utilise the natural resources deep within their subconscious mind to make changes and regain control in certain areas of their life.​

Hypnotherapy can assist with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, anger issues, removing limited beliefs and decisions, releasing negative emotions, pain relief, healthy eating, exercise motivation, emotional eating, weight loss, quitting smoking, and so much more!

Discovery Call to learn more (15mins)   FREE

Online Consultations Available

Initial & Follow-up Consultations (90mins)   $190


We offer a Counselling service to provide a safe and supportive environment where our clients can tell their story, work through their emotions, and make positive changes to their lives. Our Counsellor provides a professional and gentle approach to providing counselling, we hold space for our clients with compassion and understanding. Our Counsellor delivers a strengths based/ person centred service, valuing holistic and intuitive practice.  Our Counsellor may assist clients to build skills that they can use to solve other difficulties in their lives, assist clients to identify and define their emotional issues and better understand themselves by explaining options, setting goals, providing therapy, and helping them to take action. 

We offer Counselling for anyone aged 14years and over. Should you have a child requiring counselling, please contact us so we can refer you to an experienced local Children's Counsellor.

Online Consultations Available

60 minute Consultation    $120

90 minute Consultation   $170


Nutrition takes a holistic approach to wellness, with the core principle of healing through food and nutrition. Our Nutritionist can design, coordinate, implement and evaluate health interventions that are designed to improve health and wellbeing, to assist & support a person to live a healthy lifestyle, minimising symptoms of illness, supporting the body’s capacity to heal, & balancing the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future.

Initial Consultation (60mins)     $140

Follow-up Consultation (30mins)     $100


Reflexology is a massage that treats areas of the foot that correspond to organs and systems of the body to assist in overall health & wellbeing. 

Peppermint Foot Bath & Reflexology

45 Minutes   $95                60 Minutes   $120

Massage & Reflexology

60 Minutes   $115             90 Minutes   $155

2 Hours    $205

Signature Treatment - Reiki & Massage

The Signature Treatment is a beautiful combination of Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki to leave you feeling revitalised, restored and balanced. This treatment uses a wonderful relaxation oil blend, perfect to help stabilise moods, and assist with Anxiety, Depression and irritability.

60 Minutes   $130

90 Minutes   $170

2 Hours   $220

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy uses sound and specialist instruments to improve health and wellbeing through vibration. Sound therapy can assist with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain, PTSD and autism.

Sound and resonance therapy works with specific frequencies which penetrate our bodies on a cellular level.

Because of how impactful these frequencies are, Sound Therapy can help induce a state of deep relaxation, reducing stress levels and promoting overall well-being

30 Minutes  $70 

60 Minutes  $110

Intuitive Medicine

An Intuitive Medicine session digs deep into your energy pathways, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, & physical manifestations of dis-ease. Sessions include an aura scan, a chakra scan, and a full body scan – a complete picture of your current physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

For an Intuitive Medicine session, a safe and sacred space is created by Melanie and her team in spirit. In this space of connection and healing, Melanie will see beyond her client’s physical human state, to observe the flow of energy through their chakras and body systems.

With guidance from her spirit team, Melanie identifies the emotional, spiritual and physical origins of the symptoms of pain and ‘dis-ease’ experienced by her clients. By bringing awareness to the ‘hidden’ causes of physical symptoms, Melanie is able to provide her clients with clear steps for improving their well-being and health, so that they can get back on track to living the dream life that they want.

Initial Consultation 90mins $180

Follow-up Consultation 45mins $90

Online Consultations Available

Brief Intuitive Medicine

Brief Intuitive Medicine consultations are for clients with a single non-urgent or semi-acute symptom or short-term condition, who are looking to investigate the cause and holistic treatment options.

This much shorter consultation is ideal for focused attention on one health concern that has only been affecting you for a short period of time and does not require immediate medical attention. 

With guidance from Spirit and Melanie's intuitive abilities, a Brief Intuitive Medicine consultation  can help reveal the cause/s of the symptom or condition and possible options for empowered healing, including (but not limited to) natural therapies, diet or lifestyle changes and conventional medicine.

For multiple, complex and chronic symptoms or conditions, please book an Initial Intuitive Medicine consultation. 

Brief Consultation 30mins $70

Online Consultations Available

Oracle Card Reading

Receive divine guidance about your health and wellbeing with an oracle card reading. 

30 Minutes  $50

Online Consultations Available

Guided Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is a spiritual practice that involves severing emotional ties that no longer serve our well-being & personal growth. It is a method of releasing old energy that may be holding us back, allowing us to heal from past relationships and move forward. 

60 Minutes  $110 

Online Consultations Available

The Ultimate Pamper Package

For complete relaxation and pampering, using a combination of Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, and Hand & Foot Scrubs to exfoliate your skin and leave it refreshed and glowing. The Ultimate Pamper Package will leave you feeling completely relaxed and worry free!

2 Hours   $230

Crystal Healing Treatment

This beautiful treatment incorporates Crystal Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing, Oracle Cards, Chakra Essential Oils, Acupressure, & Reflexology to help clear energy blockages,  and restore balance to the body encouraging the bodies natural healing ability.

90 Minutes   $160

2 Hours $220

Intuitive Healing Treatment

A wonderful blend of holistic body work, incorporating Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditation and Oracle Cards. 

2 Hours   $220

2.5 Hours   $280


Meditation is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques. Meditation can help you to relax, reduce anxiety and stress, improve concentration and focus, and lift mood.

Individual Sessions 30 Minutes   $65

Online Consultations Available

Group Sessions (held once a month) 1 Hour  $40 per person

Other Treatments & Add On Treatments

Crystal Chakra Balance

Add a Crystal Chakra Balance to any treatment to  balance and harmonise your energy centers. Each Chakra corresponds to certain nerve bundles and major organs,  and when blocked or out of balance you may experience physical and emotional symptoms related to that chakra.

30 Minutes   $50

Foot Baths

Add a Foot Bath to any treatment to leave your feet feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Essential Oil &  Magnesium  Salt Foot Bath

15 Minutes   $35

Hand & Foot Exfoliation Scrubs

Add a gentle exfoliation scrub and aromatic moisturising massage to any treatment to leave your hands or feet feeling smooth, silky and nourished.

20 Minutes   $40

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